All of our services are free to single parents and becoming a member has never been easier. To complete an intake or renewal, we do require proof of single parent status. There are three methods by which a parent can provide proof of single parent status:

1. A recent document showing your current Marital Status* | Documents which should show current marital status include:

·         Divorce or Separation Agreement
·         Custody Agreement
·         GST Credit & HSTC Notice
·         CCB Notice (Canada Child Benefit)
·         Court Order
·         Lease or Tenancy Agreement
·         BC Housing Application Form
·         Universal Child Care Benefit Notice

*Note that a tax return Notice of Assessment does NOT show an individual’s current marital status.

2. A completed Confirmation of Single Parent Status form

CLICK HERE to print a Confirmation of Single Parent Status form. This form can be completed by any community professional and then brought, or faxed in to the Centre to complete the intake or renewal.


3. Log in* to their Canada Revenue Agency ‘My Account’ *must already be registered with CRA

If you have already created an account and are registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you can simply log-in to ‘My Account’ and click on the ‘Personal Information’ heading.

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If you have any questions, please contact us for more information