Dads with Dads

Calling all single dads; all co-parenting dads; all non-custodial dads, who want to create their own unique group of men to explore and share father-related stories with a facilitator. Making use of group discussion, personal examples, DVD’s, creative brainstorming techniques, and guest presenters, up to ten dads will come together to discuss such topics as:

Hassle-free co-parenting strategies;
The pleasure – pain principles of parenting;
Balancing me-time with child-time with social-time with work-time;
Creating workable communication strategies to deal with ‘difficult’ people;
Making sense of any separation, loss or grief issues;
Connecting with other dads who are farther along the dad/parenting continuum;
Custody arrangements that have a chance of working;
Creating a sense of fun, good times, and optimism for self and with others;
Any other ideas, issues or concerns that have been group generated

Fabulous coffee (as one dad has said: “The best coffee in the city!”) will be provided.

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