Understanding Anger and Stress

June 4, 2024

This course runs from April 16 - June 4 2024

Please join us at the Men's Therapy Centre 3491 Saanich Road #301, Victoria BC V8X 1W8

Join us and explore what anger and stress are. How they affect our bodies and relationships. Learn new skills to manage both and make positive shifts in your life.

The program begins with having participant's gain an understanding of the physiology of anger and stress and how they are similar and different within our bodies.

It builds on this by exploring the roots of anger within our own personal backgrounds, the specific triggers of our anger and then spends time practicing the many ways to recognize anger is building and manage the outcome.

Throughout the time frame of the course participants become very skilled in understanding what is happening to them physically and emotionally when anger strikes, they develop the skills they need to manage these reactions and turn them into measured and planned responses.

The program also looks at ways to manage and reduce life stresses to help alleviate anger triggers and finally focuses on assertive communication so that participants can calmly and clearly communicate their needs and boundaries to others without resorting to anger or aggression.

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