A little over two years ago, a friend told me I could donate some of my late mother’s clothing and household things to the Single Parent Resource Centre. I remember thinking “The what?” And wasn’t this place an eye opener: busy, positive and clear sense of purpose. On my second trip in, I asked Trevor (our Administrative Coordinator) if they did anything with volunteers. He smiled. The rest, as they say, is history.

For starters, the Peer Helper training (a whopping 25 hours!) gave me the competence and confidence to take my place at the front reception desk, as well as pitch in on any one of a multitude of tasks that comes our way.

No matter which path we followed in coming to the 1Up Centre, I think we return again and again for two reasons: the practical, positive things we do here, and the people involved.

I like the people I get to work with – both the other volunteers and the regular staff. I enjoy, and am inspired by the members who come through the front door. Everyone has an individual story about their family, challenges and resolutions. That’s what keeps me signing up for those Friday morning shifts.

So, the reason I came was a one-off. The reason I keep coming back is ongoing – it’s the people. To my fellow volunteers, the staff, and most of all the members – thanks for being here and making it the place it is. (If there is a lesson here, it is to watch for Trevor’s smile. It leads to good things.)

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